First North American premiere for Fell at HIFF 2015

Fell will premiere for the first time in the U.S. at HIFF 2015 (Hamptons Intertantional Film Festival) and will screen October 8th and October 10th. Tickets on sale to public Saturday, September 26th. No idea if any cast/crew will be attending, but will update if I find out. Get your tickets here.

Synopsis for FELL : While on a camping trip, Thomas’ only daughter, Lara, is killed by a logging truck in a hit-and-run accident for which the driver, Luke, serves a prison sentence. Stricken with grief, Thomas sheds his urban life and his identity, and moves to the remote town where Lara was killed. There he takes on a new name, Chris, and finds work as a logger. When Luke is released from prison and returns to work, Chris connives to work as his partner in dangerously high tree-logging work. Every time Luke climbs, Chris holds his life in his hands. FELL trailer here.

Official Fell poster  (debuted at the Sydney Film Festival)



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