Matt Nable’s got no inside running on Arrow

Matt Nable’s got no inside running on Arrow

Villain Ra’s al Ghul is making his way to Brisbane to meet his adoring acolytes.

Arrow’s Matt Nable is a former Rabbitohs player and says all those looking for spoilers for future episode of Arrow will have to be patient. He doesn’t even know what’s happening next.

“People want to find out what it’s like on set, what it’s like to work with other actors and they’re always looking for little tidbit of what will happen next,” Nable said.

“I’m very giving and willing to answer questions and I make that clear, people can ask about what ever they like.”

Events like Supanova attract passionate fans, but for Matt seeing his doppelgangers is always a surprise.

“It’s a bit strange sometimes seeing people dressed as my character, but that’s what these things are about, fans get dressed up as their favourite characters, it’s very flattering,” he said.

“I don’t seek out attention, but a show like Arrow gets you a lot of attention.”

Nable’s next gig is an Adaption of a popular Australian Book called Jasper Jones. He’ll be working along side Hugo Weaving, Toni Collette and Dan Wyllie.

Brisbane Times


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