Matt Nable Straight Arrow – TV WEEK mag (picture with article)

It’s been a great year for Matt in 2015 and I’m so proud of him! 2016 already looks like it’s shaping up to be another great year with Jasper Jones, Barracuda, Hacksaw Ridge, and Quarry all coming soon!

Article : Straight Arrow : It’s been an exciting ride for Matt Nable.

For someone who never dreamed of being an actor, Matt Nable did pretty well for himself this year. 

He played supervillain Ra’s al Ghul in hit U.S. series Arrow, and was also seen in Winter and Gallipoli

Matt, 43, admits his Arrow role was “a little bit nerve-wracking”. 

“You don’t want to muck it up.” he adds. 

Obvious he didn’t. And, despite his characters death, he’s been asked to return, either to Arrow or one of its spin-offs, The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. “No-one really dies on that show” he laughs. “Schedule-wise if it works out, I’ll definitely do some more. It’s been great fun.” 

Matt’s roles have demanded a lot of him physically. He had to lose weight to play Sergeant Harry Perceval in Gallipoli

“I was quite lean.” He remembers. 

Just months later, he was bulking up for a memorable shirtless fight scene in Arrow. After Arrow, Matt went to New Orleans to film Quarry, with fellow Aussie Damon Herriman. Since then, the dad of three has worked on movies in Australia, including Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

“I’m content working here when I can.” He says, “But if a job comes up overseas that works well with family, then great.”

  Thanks to Laura for the picture!


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