Golden debut for young actors in ABC mini-series Barracuda

THE high-risk world of professional swimming comes under the microscope in the ABC’s new mini-series Barracuda.

Based on award-winning novelist Christos Tsiolkas’ book of the same name, the four-part drama follows 16-year-old swimmer Danny Kelly (Elias Anton, pictured, in his television debut).

The Olympic hopeful has landed an athletics scholarship to an exclusive boys school but he initially struggles to find his place in the prestigious social circles of the private school.
Under the charge of respected coach Frank Torma (Matt Nable) and thanks to a friendship/rivalry with team mate Martin Taylor, Danny is on track to become Australia’s youngest swimming champion – the unstoppable ‘Barracuda’.

Elias Anton as Danny Kelly in a scene from the TV series Barracuda. Elias Anton as Danny Kelly in a scene from the TV series Barracuda. Contributed

Soon, everyone has a stake in Danny’s success and as he swims closer towards gold, he finds himself being drawn into a world where the only thing that matters is winning.

When he gets his shot at victory, with all of Australia watching, can the Barracuda live up to everyone’s expectations and realise his dream?

“It’s a beautiful mini-series,” Nable tells The Guide.

“There’s quite a bit of excitement around it. It was a wonderful experience to do as an actor. All the signs are that we executed it really well.”

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and Victoria Haralabidou play Danny’s parents while Rachel Griffiths plays Martin’s mum Samantha. The screen veterans star opposite four up-and-coming actors.

Joining Anton in the pool as Danny’s swimming team mates are Benjamin Kindon and Joe Klocek (both in their TV debuts), Andrew Creer (Tomorrow When The War Began) and Rhys Mitchell (Upper Middle Bogan).

The mini-series is produced by Tony Ayres and Amanda Higgs, both of whom also worked on the ABC’s acclaimed adaptation of Tsiolkas’ novel The Slap.
Barracuda premieres tonight at 8.40pm on ABC TV.



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