Barracuda star Matt Nable “Exercise is my medicine”

(From Woman’s Day (Australia) 07.18.2016

Matt Nable is, fittingly, in the gym when he answers the phone to talk about his new role playing Hungarian-born swim coach Frank Torma in ABC’S new sporting mini-series Barracuda.

“I try to exercise four or five times a week,” he says, revealing it’s crucial to helping him keep on top of his bipolar disorder.

“Exercise is definitely part of my medicine and a requirement to keep certain chemicals in balance. It makes things easier to deal with.”

Matt says starring in the four-part series – based on Christos Tsiolkas’ 2013 novel about Olympic hopeful Danny – was a chance for a challenge, as he’d never played a coach before.

“But I knew I’d get a lot of leeway with [director] Rob Connolly. I knew he was really open to the way I would interpret it,” says Matt, adding that his time as a pro boxer in his earlier years helped him to tackle the role. “I knew how a coach would respond to younger people and the vernacular they’d use and when to push hard and when to ease off.”

The busy actor is also lending his chops to Nine’s upcoming drama Hyde and Seek and Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge.



4 thoughts on “Barracuda star Matt Nable “Exercise is my medicine”

  1. Dorothy Singleton says:

    I absolutely loved your performance in Barracuda Matt.The empathy and compassion you portrayed towards Danny in Barracuda were just so moving.Thank you for that.It added so much to my enjoyment of the series.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lorraine Harris says:

    I loved Matt in Barracuda and can’t wait for Hyde & Seek. Please keep your hand in on acting in Australia Matt, please. We love you. I’d love to see Matt & Ryan Corr do some kind of series or movie together too, he too is very talented and what ever they decided to do would be very powerful. Go Matt – We enjoy watching everything you do – Australian Stories are my absolute favourite and especially with fantastic actors like yourself !!! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MattNableOnline says:

    I will send Matty your love! I know he appreciates it! Hopefully we’ll have more news on Hyde and Seek soon too! Matt and Ryan are great friends and I do believe they will both be in Hacksaw Ridge coming out soon, but I’m not sure if they’ll share any scenes. Would definitely love to see them do more though! He’s got some big things coming up w/ Quarry, Jasper Jones, Hacksaw Ridge, Incarnate, and 1%, so stay tuned and I’ll try and keep this as updated as possible! Thanks for the support!


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