The real-life experts who help actors portray doctors, lawyers, musicians and cops on television

Steve Page is a former tactical police officer and major crime squad detective who’s consulted on two drama productions about to hit screens.

Hyde and Seek (Channel 9) being one of them.

From there, Page was introduced to producers of Hyde & Seek, Nine’s upcoming crime thriller starring Matt Nable, Zoe Ventoura and an all-star guest cast.

“That was interesting because I got to draw on different parts of my police experience — a lot of building entries and raids, as well as detailed surveillance operations,” Page said.

“I drew on the language that’s used during surveillance. It’s very loose. You can’t give a detailed overview — things move fast and by the time everyone digests it, the situation has changed.

“Say you’ve got a target in a vehicle approaching a set of traffic lights, you’d say: ‘Target one after in car, I’ve got one for cover, intersection lights stale red.’ And that’s it.”

That sort of authentic detail has been woven in, along with some less noticeable traits like how a cop holds himself, talks and carries a gun.

Page isn’t an armourer and therefore didn’t have access to actual firearms, but managed to improvise.

“For training purposes, I met up with a couple of the actors to rehearse and I stole a few Nerf toy guns from my kids’ toy box. We had a ball.

“A gun is a gun. As long as you’re holding it right and using a field of view, it looks authentic.”

Page said his aim was to balance drama and authenticity, but to hope an “armchair expert” wouldn’t find too many issues with the operational scenes.

“It’s such a great cast. Matt is really, really good — if you put him among a tactical team, he’d blend right in. He can carry himself in this space.”

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