TV Week magazine articles (October 1st-7th, 2016)

Two articles from TV Week Magazine – Written out and with pictures.

Hyde & Seek (Monday, 8:45pm, Nine Network)


Who killed Gary Hyde’s best mate?

Boasting a killer cast, Hyde & Seek is a treat. 

In the first double episode, Detective Sergeant Gary Hyde (Matt) and his partner and best mate, Nick Petrides (Alex Tsitsopoulos), are called to a murder scene.

Everything seems routine until Nick notices a dodgy van near the abandoned worksite where the body was found. The van blows up killing Nick instantly.

Heartbroken and angry, Gary and his homicide team (which includes Home & Aways’s Tai Hara) must try to figure out how the body and explosion are connected.

Get ready for a wild ride! 

2. STREETS ahead

 Why Hyde & Seek’s Matt Nable and Tai Hara are on top of their game.

They’re two of tv’s most recognizable faces from very different acting backgrounds. Now Matt Nable and Tai Hara have come together to play detectives in the Nine Network’s fast paced new drama, Hyde & Seek.

The series sees Matt playing family man Gary Hyde, while Tai is young gun Kevin Soga.

TV WEEK collared both men to find out what makes them tick.

Matt Nable, 44

You know him from; Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms; Winter; Arrow

Matt is one of Australia’s most in demand actors. As well as appearing in local miniseries Barracuda, Matt stars in hit US shows Quarry and Legends of Tomorrow, in which he plays fan favorite baddie Ra’s al Ghul. 

But Matt’s under no illusions about his career.

The former rugby league player will go wherever he’s wanted for as long as he’s wanted.

“I came to acting quite late,” he says. “And, it took me a while to learn what it was all about. For me, it’s a job, and I manage my jobs as if I was a fireman.”

So why does he think he’s so often cast in roles as cops?

“I have a physicality about me,” he says. “And, I have a nurturing part of me.”

Matt will soon head over to the US to film in New Orleans before returning home to shoot a movie he wrote about bikies.

Tai Hara, 26

You know him from: Home and Away, in which he played Andy Barrett

Tai has well and truly left Home and Away’s Andy Barrett behind in Hyde & Seek.

“I get to carry a gun – I’m pretty sure Andy would never have one.” The actor laughs.

Tai left H&A earlier this year and was cast in H&S shortly afterword. Now he’s keen for audiences to see him as Kevin.

“Andy was a character I was associated with for over three years,” he says. “It’s exciting for audiences to see a different side of me. I’m really interested to see how people interact with Kevin.”

One of the highlights for Tai was working alongside, and learning from, his Hyde & Seek castmates.

“People like Andrew McFarlane, Mandy McElhinney, and Matt, of course I learned a lot from them.” He says.

He even got to do his own stunts. 

“I did do one where I hurt myself,” he admits. “That was embarrassing.”

Seeking The Truth.

Get ready for Australia’s explosive new drama.

Tragedy strikes in the first episode of Hyde & Seek. We’re introduced to detectives Gary Hyde and Nick Petrides (Alex Tsitsopoulos) while they’re on their way to a homicide.

When Gary and Nick arrive at an abandoned worksite to assess the crime scene, they notice a suspicious looking van. When Nick goes over to check it out, a bomb goes off, killing him instantly.

Rocked by the loss of his partner and best mate, Gary has the terrible task of breaking to news to Nick’s pregnant wife, Angela (Stephanie Panozzo).

“He’s in complete shock and denial. All stages of grief.” Matt says of Gary.

Gary launches into an investigation to discover why there was a bomb in the van and how it’s connected to the body at the scene. Gary and his team soon uncover links to terrorism.

“Hyde & Seek is dealing with all different elements of modern society,” Matt tells us. “It’s a comtemporary story.”

The plot thickens when mysterious New Zealand immigration lawyer Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton) joins Gary’s quest to bring Nick’s killer to justice.



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