Nowhere to Hyde: Matt Nable is Australia’s man in demand

The Guide (September 29th, 2016)

Matt Nable is a man on a mission in new Aussie crime drama.

Matt Nable is one of Australia’s most sought-after actors at the moment and it’s not hard to see why.
The former footy player has had a commanding presence on the screen since he was first seen in the 2007 feature film he wrote and starred in, The Final Winter.

He went on to score hard-hitting roles in the crime dramas East West 101, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms and Underbelly.

Now splitting his time between the US, where he has landed numerous film and TV roles, and his hometown of Sydney, Nable is starring in three upcoming films and can also currently be seen on Foxtel in the wartime drama Quarry.

“I’m lucky to be working as much as I am,” he tells The Guide.

“Making hay while the sun shines is important.”

In Nine’s new drama Hyde & Seek, Nable plays Detective Gary Hyde, whose partner and best mate is killed in a seemingly random explosion.

He vows to bring the killers to justice but what starts as a double homicide investigation quickly spirals into a larger issue of national security.

“Because of the circumstance he finds himself in he’s forced into action,” Nable says.

“He’s acting on a lot of emotion. He loses someone very close to him and he becomes determined to find out what happened and that forces him into action.

“There are some hairy moments he gets himself into. There’s plenty of action in this.”

Hyde unexpectedly joins forces with Kiwi counterpart Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton) and together they uncover a criminal underbelly that will endanger their lives and Hyde’s young family.

Packed to the Rafters favourite Zoe Ventoura stars as Hyde’s wife in her first small screen role in three years.

“This is a drama anchored by Gary and the very stable family he has,” Nable says.

“I haven’t had to do that before – playing a character grounded by a family, which is in conflict with what he wants to do.”

Ventoura isn’t the only familiar face returning to our screens in Hyde & Seek.

Deborra-Lee Furness makes her highly anticipated return to Australian television after a 20-year absence.

“She’s a real force of nature,” Nable says. “She came on the first day and all the cast were really taken aback by how confident she was and her strength. She’s a lovely person and I got on very, very well with her. She said she’s really enjoyed coming back and working in Australia. It’s nice to have her back on our screens; she’s such a talent.”


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