Get to know Matt’s character Detective Sergeant Gary Hyde

Hyde & Seek, October 3rd 8:45pm.

Gary is a Detective Sergeant with over ten years’ experience, most recently in homicide. He is pragmatic and down to earth, with a fairly uncomplicated worldview. He is intelligent and perceptive in a ‘street smart’ kind of way and has a dry sense of humor that tends towards understatement. He’s seen a lot of shitty things in his time, but Gary is quite good at compartmentalizing. There is his job and there is his family life and he believes he does a good job of leaving work at the door when he comes home. After all, it’s his job to protect his family from the kinds of horrors he sees – not talk about it.  

When his best mate and partner, Nick, is killed in an explosion, Gary is determined to catch his killer. He also starts to find that the world is a more complicated place than he imagined. He can no longer keep his work and family lives apart.



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