Explosive drama *Spoilers*

Summary and quite a few spoilers for the first episode of Hyde & Seek from ‘TV Soap’ magazine. 

Gary Hyde should be on his way to his son’s 10th birthday party. Instead putting work first, he gets called to a homicide, which at first glance seems standard but Gary soon realizes it is far from simple. He’s about to get caught up in something that will turn his whole world upside down.

When the van owned by victim Erik Hansen (Kevin Dunn) blows up, Gary knows there is something more sinister going on. Determined to get answers he tracks down Erik’s wife Linda (Vanessa Moltzen) to her home but she knows very little about what her husband was up to.

Suddenly the Federal Police swoop in and not knowing Gary is a detective they force him to the ground and haul him in for questioning. Once he has convinced them of his identity he meets team leader Jackie Walters (Mandy McElhinney) and they instantly butt heads.

Jackie makes it clear that the Federal Police and ASIO are taking over the case, which has links to terrorism. The victim was working at a convention Centre where an upcoming international security conference is to be held and they believe he may have been planning an attack.

It seems if Gary wants to have any part in solving the case he will have to work with the abrasive Jackie but she’s not the only newcomer Gary will need to befriend if he wants to get answers. 

Over in New Zealand Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton), an immigration lawyer, has found out that Erik was a wanted terrorist living in Australia on a New Zealand passport.

Claire heads to Australia to look into the matter, but Gary who thinks Claire is a little more than a pen pusher, isn’t happy to see her. That is until Gary realizes Claire knows vital information about Erik and has street smarts and skills beyond her training as a lawyer.

Those hidden talents come in useful when Gary and Claire head to the port to find out how Erik was smuggling explosives in. The information leads them to storage facility where they find a bomb and a note with a flash drive.

When the video on the device is played, suddenly the links between Erik’s murder and terrorism become all too real.

The video reveals the terrorist groups intentions for the upcoming conference and the federal police decide it’s time to make some arrests.

Despite Gary’s continuing confrontations with Jackie and ASIO specialist Andrew (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor), he is invited to join them as they arrest the Islamic students who made the video. But the operation goes awry when two of the suspects are shot dead as Gary manages to get the third to safety and back to the station for questioning.

Gary goes in hard demanding answers from Jamil (Rahel Romahn) but it’s Claire who is able to get answers with a softer way of questioning. They start to suspect Jamil isn’t actually involved as Jackie finds out the shooter killed one of her special ops team. She then realizes Gary has Jamil and hits the roof.

Gary is ordered to take sometime off, but only grows more determined to crack the case. Gary makes another visit with Linda and pushes for answers, leading Linda to reveal she was given New Zealand passports before Erik’s murder.

Soon Claire is able to track down more clues about the official who issued the passports. She finds out that Jenna (Tandi Wright), the passport officer, has relocated to Hong Kong. Gary and Claire head overseas to try and get answers but she is being watched and it’s not long before she is silenced. 

Frustrated and angry that they are getting nowhere, Gary and Claire head home separately. Just when it seems like they should give up, another piece of the puzzle is uncovered.

And with the fake New Zealand passport rort more widespread than they first thought, it looks like Gary and Claire could be spending a lot more time together in an investigation that will put their lives and those of their loved ones at risk


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