Seeking Justice. TV Week write up.

TV WEEK magazine review. Helen Vnuk.

“The standard of Australian drama is unbelievably high right now. Hyde & Seek is another one to add to the must see list.This second episode sees Detective Gary Hyde (Matt Nable) struggling to come to terms with the death of his partner and best mate, Nick (Alex Tsitsopoulos)

After butting heads with the fearsome Federal Police boss Jackie Walters (Mandy McElhinney), Gary is sent home from work on compassionate leave. But there’s no way Gary can relax with Nick’s killers still on the loose.

He slips off to Hong Kong with Claire (Emma Hamilton) to follow a lead. However, what happens there will leave the pair’s working relationship very shaky.

Meanwhile, Gary still has Nick’s funeral to get through. At the requests of Nick’s widow, Angela (Stephanie Panozzo), he’s agreed to give the eulogy.

 The scenes in bustling Hong Kong make a nice change from the usual open plan offices and underground car parks. The stuff about terrorism makes the series feel really current.

But, the best thing about Hyde & Seek is Matt. His combination of brawn and sensitivity make him the perfect leading man. The scene where his character gives the eulogy at his mate’s funeral, tears in his eyes, is just amazing.”


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