Whatever It Takes

TV Soap Interview :

Hyde & Seek star Matt Nable says he can understand a lot of the pressures faced by his character, Detective Gary Hyde

He spends much of his working life far from home so when Matt Nable was approached to be in Sydney-based thriller Hyde & Seek, he jumped at the chance. Being able to go straight from the front door of his house to the set is a rarity for the acclaimed actor who often travels interstate and overseas for film and tv projects.

Describing the opportunity to stay local as a “blessing” Nable, a father of three, says he can relate to his character Gary’s struggle to balance the pressures of work with family life. “I think it’s hard for anyone who is working a job that requires long hours and for me it requires a lot of time away from home so it is a juggle so I do understand that,” he explains.

“But I think most people go through that when they have children. Trying to find space with you and your partner, trying to find space with you and the kids, and trying to find something for yourself that you might need, so Gary’s journey is not too dissimilar to people with kids that age and trying to find a balance. I do understand it. I understand it very, very well.

In the series, Gary, a detective, is devastated by the death of his work partner Nick while the two are investigating a homicide. The case quickly escalates and shows links to terrorism, but while catching Nick’s killer is a matter of national security, for Gary it remains personal and his focus is on vengeance.

“I think he’s got a really good grasp on what’s right and what’s wrong and he’s a good man as far as family is concerned… He’s pushed further than he’s been pushed before and he’s been called upon to make some decisions that I think circumstantially otherwise he never would have made but he’s been put in where he is going to do whatever it takes to get the job done, so there is a great deal of conflict going on within him with the decisions he is making.”

Though Nable, who has starred in US superhero TV series Arrow and local dramas Winter, Barracuda, and Underbelly, enjoys acting his first love is writing. The former professional rugby league player has written three novels and is working on a fourth.

“Writing is just a very comfortable space, a really nice anchor for me,” he says. “Persona-wise it’s something I feel very comfortable in associating myself as a writer. I’m much more comfortable as an actor these days but at the beginning it was a little hard because it was never a desire to pursue whereas writing was something that has been with me from a very early age and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Having already acted in a project he’s written (the acclaimed 2007 film The Final Winter) would Nable be up for doing the same on an episode of Hyde & Seek if another season went ahead? “I just don’t know where I’d find the time, but if they came to me I’d be really interested, most definitely.”


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