TV Week magazine articles (Shock Jock Shooting & What Are You? With Tai and Matt)

Drama hits close to home for Gary in Hyde & Seek.

There’s tension for Gary at home when a search for a teenage gunman leads him to a student at Sonya’s school.

In Hyde & Seek this week, Gary and Claire investigate the shooting of radio shock-jock Mikey Jackson. Their suspect is a teenager, Basam, who is on the run.

Gary and Claire track down an apparent friend of Basam’s named Rana. She’s a star student at the school where Gary’s wife, Sonya, teaches.

Sonya isn’t happy about Claire questioning Rana. The student says she knows nothing of the shooting.

But, it’s Tanya who discovers more about Rana and she is brought in for further questioning. This leads to a clash between Gary and Sonya.

She’s getting worried that Gary is too personally invested in the hunt for his partner’s killer.

“Gary is so deep into his case… he’s losing his sense of family and his life,” Zoe says.

Gary is put in an awkward situation when Jackie agrees to use Rana as bait to catch Basam. But, she urges Gary not to tell Sonya.

The drama peaks when Gary’s family is caught in the middle of an anti Muslim brawl.

How will Gary react? & will this be the catalyst for him to realize what’s really important for him in life.

Tai Hara and Matt Nable; What are you?

  • Watching?

Tai : I’m up to date with Game of Thrones and I love documentaries

Matt : Narcos Season 2

  • Listening to?

Tai : [LA band] The Internet

Matt : [Swedish-Indie singer/songwriter] José González

  • Eating?

Tai : I like healthy options mixed in with some burgers on the weekends.

Matt : A lot of protein. It’s really boring – protein shakes and meat. 


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