Tensions Reach Boiling Point (TV Soap Aus writeup)

Gary used to be able to separate his work as a detective from his family life, but not anymore. Since the death of his work partner Nick at the scene of a homicide Gary has been more focused on catching the killer than his wife and kids. & his latest investigation is putting pressure on his marriage in more ways than one.

While coaching his son Oscar’s soccer team, Gary is called in to work after Mikey Jackson, a radio shock-jock, was nearly shot dead. Now Basam, the teenager who tried to assassinate Mikey, has run off but his father Omar claims to know nothing about what is going on.

Some social media sleuthing from Claire points to a link between a girl named Rana, a high school student taught by Gary’s wife Sonya and Basam. Meanwhile a search for Omar’s home uncovers guns, leading the community leader to reveal there is a connection between his son and the terrorist mastermind Malik.

Sonya sits in while Claire questions Rana, who denies knowledge of the shooting. When Tanya finds information that suggests otherwise, Rana is hauled in for further questioning causing conflict between Gary and Sonya, who knows Rana as a model student.

Claire has a theory that Basam shot Mikey to win Rana’s heart and wants to use Rana as bait to catch the boy. Gary is under orders not to tell Sonya about the plan involving her student but when Mikey refuses to spout hateful messages on his radio show anti-Muslim tensions reach a boiling point, descending into an ugly brawl.

And the line between work and home is truly crossed when Gary’s family are caught up on the nasty scene. But there’s little time to deal with the situation as Gary and Claire are determined to catch Basam and get vital information about Malik.

With the plan to use Rana as bait good to go, will Gary find what he needs to catch the terrorist and get one step closer to finding Nick’s killer?


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