Matt Nable on the importance of telling Australian stories

Matt Nable is well known for his roles, both in Australia and overseas, having performed alongside Robert DeNiro and Jason Statham in Killer Elite and Son of a Gun with Ewan McGregor in the U.S.

Australian audiences know him for his work as Travis in East West 101, Detective Sergeant Gary Jubelin in Underbelly Badness and Jock Ross in Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms, among others.

Nable believes it is the Australian stories we present that are the most important to continue to produce and tell, citing our unique culture, humor and way of life as reasons why.

“It’s really important to keep telling Australian stories,” he said.

“It’s important for the Australian actors, if they have the opportunity financially, to come back and be a part of that.”

“We have such a wonderfully original culture and a unique culture in the simplest things, by the way we speak, our sense of humour, that’s important to show.”

The man behind Hyde & Seek’s Detective Sergeant Gary Hyde explains that it is the Australian stories we produce that are important to the continuation of the unique Australian culture; adding that he feels incredibly lucky to have had the latitude from the writer’s to work on a story that is steeped in the Australian way and mentality. 

“If you’re playing American characters, and I’ve played a lot of different American characters, it’s always nice to come back and play an Australian person… We are different.”

[SOURCE] [Link works for Aus]


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