TV Week write up: Hyde & Seek episode 5


With the security forum looming, the team hunts Malik.

It’s the day of the Asia – Pacific Security Forum, which goes ahead despite the terrorism threat from Malik.

The team’s investigations lead them to an ex soldier named Lachlan Ford (Joel Jackson). But, he flees as soon as Gary and Claire show up.

Claire trails Lachlan and boards a bus behind him. Soon, the lives of everyone on board are at risk as Lachlan reveals he has a bomb.

“He has schizophrenic episodes, depression and anxiety, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt,” Joel says of Lachlan. 

“He wants to right a wrong that has ridden him with severe guilt. He’s torn between what he wanted to do for Australia, wearing that uniform and what war has done to him.”

Can Claire defuse the situation? And what do Lachlan’s actions have to do with Malik and the forum?


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