Acting Up! : Interview with WHO magazine

WHO magazine catches up with five AACTA contenders to talk about their big years on and off the screen 

Matt Nable | Barracuda 

Matt Nable knew his role as Frank Torma, the gruff Hungarian coach who pushes a band of young swimmers to their limit in Barracuda, could’ve easily been played as a parody if he weren’t careful. “I saw something in this guy that was remarkably sad,” explains Nable, 44. “I didn’t want him to be one dimensional or draconian, but to play it a little differently. With compassion and love.”

Mission accomplished. Nable’s affecting turn earned the sad eyed former rugby league player a nomination for Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama. “It’s very flattering,” he says, “but I’m not nervous about it. It’s not like a swimming race or a 100 metre sprint, where someone finishes first definitively. It’s so subjective.”

Playing paternal came easily to Nable, who grew up in an army family and calls his father, Dave, “my hero…. there’s no one I’m more proud of.” Nable himself is a father of three, Tommy, 12, Jesse,10, and Leia, 6 with wife Cassandra. Does he model his parenting style on Dave? “I can certainly look at them a certain way and they’ll jump to… But I’m probably not as vocal. I’m away quite often, so I have a soft touch. I get home and just want to cuddle them.”

Nable calls WHO from Perth where he is filming 1%, a Bikie crime saga he wrote and stars in opposite Ryan Corr and Abbey Lee. Like much of his screen output, it “explores masculinity— how men suppress, repress and learn to share things. That has been a thread, for sure.”

Speaking of sharing, last year Nable revealed he lived with bipolar disorder. He says he is “glad I opened up about it. I have funny stories to tell about it, too. You have to find those lighter moments. You find empathy talking about it with others, telling them it will be ok. I can say that because it happened to me. I’ve been where I think it’s black, there isn’t anything else. But the sun does come back up.”

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2 thoughts on “Acting Up! : Interview with WHO magazine

  1. Raelene Windeatt says:

    Love Matt Nable. He’s one of our great Aussie actors! ! Really enjoying his fan page and this Acting Up column!! Hope to see more of him in future series etc… 👍

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