Blue Murder: Killer Cop fast tracked to air by Channel 7

 “I KNOW more about criminals and how to catch them than any 10 other blokes in the country. Makes you wonder how I got here?”

Richard Roxburgh, as crooked cop Roger Rogerson, asks this of the audience, in the first trailer released by Seven of its hotly-anticipated telemovie, Blue Murder: Killer Cop.

It’s a bloody good question and has all the makings of the must watch true crime drama of the year — an unexpected but utterly compelling sequel to the original miniseries, which introduced the talents of Roxburgh to local audiences and will remind a new generation of the shocking past of one of Australia’s dodgiest detectives.

Rogerson’s 2016 conviction on murder and commercial drug supply charges provided a stunning twist to this infamous crime tale, which finally brought down the former NSW detective after the 75-year-old and his accomplice, Glenn McNamara, 57, were found guilty of the murder of Jamie Gao during a drug deal gone wrong.

After the duo’s arrest, producers of the first Blue Murder series immediately got to work on a sequel, which now looks to be fast-tracked to air by Channel 7 and co-stars Toni Collette, Love Child’s Andy Ryan and Hyde and Seek star, Matt Nable.

In the first look — to be teased to audiences tonight — the aged killer hobbles about his Goulburn prison cell; his arthritic pace belying his evil deeds and notorious criminal history.

Roxburgh — reviving the role he first played in 1995 — has been aged too, this time with the help of screen make-up and prosthetics.

But there’s nothing artificial about his performance, as mercurial and menacing now as the Rake star was when the role won him a Logie award for most outstanding actor in a drama.

As the clip reminds viewers: “how they caught him is the most thrilling story of them all.”

But it’s Rogerson who gets the last word, in the sizzle reel at least, arguing: “there are the facts and there’s the truth and they aren’t always a match.”

Seven is yet to confirm an air date but is expected to rush the two-parter into its schedule as early as next month.



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